Dyno Flash Model: E-104

Lighten up your Halloween party with Eliminator’s Dyno Flash. This ultra lightweight strobe light is easy-to-use and ready to plug and play. Either hang it up or lay it on a flat surface. Control the speed by adjusting its knob. 

The Dyno Flash produces 1 to 15 flashes per second, and can flash different colors by replacing the interchangeable lamp cover. Choose from red, blue, green and yellow lamp covers. Built with a 70-watt lamp, the Mini Strobe is sure to lighten up any party. 

• Colors: Clear
• Optional Lamp Covers: Red, Blue, Green & Yellow
(Not Included)
• Plug and Play
• Lamp: ZB-70, 120V/70W
• Dim: 7.75”(H) x 7.75”(W) x 8”(L)
• Weight: 3 lbs.
• Power Draw: 1 Amp
List price from company's website: $79.95 (USD)

Eliminator E104 Strobe Light