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Hello beautiful world!

This is my very first blog post and I'd like to start off by introducing myself & and sharing my background. My name is Julia-Raquel Grimoldi-Drago but most people know me as Rachel Grimoldi. I was “made” in Japan, born in south Chicago heights, Illinois and raised in Argentina until the age of 6. I moved back to Chicago and lived there until I was 23. I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Business Administration at Prairie State College. I worked in the women’s fashion, shoes & jewelry retail world for 6 years. My favorite & last being, Albert’s Diamond Jewelers where I crafted my selling & customer service skills and developed a greater love & appreciation for fine jewelry which eventually drove me to learn as much about it as it could. As much as I loved jewelry & the wonderful people I worked with, after a while I could no longer deny my desire to be my own boss. I reached a threshold where I looked at my unfulfilled, mediocre life and knew I would never reach my full potential if I didn’t raise my standards & make a drastic change. Enough was enough! I quit my job, I ended my 8 year toxic relationship, packed up my things & drove to California to start a new life. That was the best decision I ever made! I have kept my story a secret until now, and if by making myself vulnerable and revealing the real me to the world I happen to inspire or help one person on this Earth than its worth it! I am so excited to be sharing my story and creating an impactful journey together!


I live every day with passion, gratitude, love, a hunger for knowledge, servitude and desire to seek out treasure. My labor of love is Buy The Way Artiques which is a store I proudly own and manage. It’s hard to narrow down what we sell because we have a little bit of everything but we are known for our antiques, art, collectibles, jewelry, oddities and vintage decor! In addition to our brick & mortar shop based in Concord, CA we have built from the ground up thriving eBay & Etsy shops as well as a Shopify (Facebook & Instagram) online store. 

Located in the heart of historic downtown Concord, 2080 East St. California

I’m always educating myself and looking for ways to grow, learn and serve the greater good. It would give me such a sense of fulfillment if I could create awareness, help, educate, inspire and encourage others along the way. Thats my main purpose for this blog. This life can have so much to offer if we share from a place of love and seek for our true treasure and purpose. I hope you will stay tuned while we discover life’s treasures & enjoy this adventurous journey together! 

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